Every Day You Grow A Little More, But You’ll Always Be My Baby

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There are days when we snuggle, and you slowly fall asleep in my arms.

Your fingers are wrapped around my hair, and your face is nuzzled into my warmth.

You’ve become so grown up, but then I see glimpses of the little baby who snuggled with me not too long ago.

It is still so hard to believe that a year and a half ago you were the small little newborn that we brought home from the hospital. Continues on the next pages…

I have such a vivid memory of holding you one night in your first week home.

I was just completely blown away that you were ours.

Your tiny feet, your long skinny fingers, and those little bow lips were all pieces of us that you possessed. Looking at you and seeing some of me, and a lot of the man I loved was so magical.

We fell in love with you instantly. The minute we heard you cry, tears came to my eyes.

A year and a half after we have met, you have completely grown into this pint-sized person. Your little feet are running around the house.

Those long fingers are wrapped around mine, and usually taking me somewhere new to explore. And those little bow lips, are blowing kisses to Daddy as he leaves for work in the morning.

I can see still that little peanut in there, but she has grown into the most astounding little girl.

Every day you learn something new, and you teach me another lesson about motherhood and life.

You have taught me to take more walks, and to get up no matter how many times I fall down. You have shown me the beauty of a pebble, and the grace in watching a worm wriggle in the Earth.

You have taught me to love selflessly, and to hug with all my strength. I giggle more freely, and I sing at the top of my lungs.

I now see the entertainment in peek-a-boo, and just how amazing an Eskimo kiss can be.

I have become a version of myself that I never dreamed was possible before you.

Thank you for the year of lessons, and all that you will share with me in the years to come.

Thank you for being such a beautiful little girl, full of heart and joy. I truly am blown away by you daily, and I know your incredible nature will only grow through the years.

I can’t wait to see where those little feet run to and the magic that those fingers touch.

But simply, thank you for the best gift I have ever gotten, the chance to be your mom.

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