Do you Or Your Kids Wear These Shoes? Take Them Off Right Now, Here’s Why

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Love them or hate them, Crocs have taken over the States and it looks like they are hear to say.

I don’t think they are the most stylish shoe, but a lot of Americans seem to love them and have them on they’re feet every day.

Crocs Are Incredibly Popular, But Not Many People Know This…

They are lightweight, comfortable, flexible and cheap. Lots of people like them, even though they look terrible. But most people don’t know the truth about crocs…

Podiatrists Warn People Not To Use Them

Podiatrists are doctors that specialize in people’s feet, and they are telling people to throw their crocs in the trash at the first chance they get. Why? Because they do not secure the heel in place.

When The Heel Is Unstable, It Leads To Foot Problems

Podiatrists day that when the heel is unstable and not properly secured, the wearer can suffer from a number of foot problems. Because the wearer starts to grip with their toes, which can cause tendinitis and toe deformities.

Other Foot Doctors Say The Same Thing

Other foot doctors echo these statements, saying that crocs have a flexible shank, and that can lead to problems with the arches of people’s feet. One doctor, Dr. Alex Kor, says most of the people who come in with arch problems have been wearing crocs.

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