Diseases You Never Knew Can Be Caused Because Of Kissing

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Otherwise known simply as “Mono,” this virus is transferred through saliva. This makes kissing a perfect way to transfer this disease.

Cold Sores

Everyone’s favorite kissing disease. Although they are harmless, cold sores can be embarrassing, and they’re actually a form of herpes.

Hand And Mouth Disease

This disease is most common among children, but it can also occur in adults. It’s transferred by kissing, and it results in discoloration of the hands, mouth, and feet.

Strep Throat

Strep throat is another disease that can be caused by kissing. It can also be transferred through the air when someone sneezes.


Kissing can lead to viral Meningitis. This type is less dangerous than other forms of Meningitis, and can be also be caused by polluted air.


Although you can avoid getting the mumps by using a simple vaccine, many people still get it. This is most usually caused by kissing.


This disease can be caused by kissing, as it effects the gums. It can get so bad that your teeth begin to loosen.

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