Dear Dead Beat Daddy

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Dear Dead Beat Daddy,

This is a thank you letter to you, who does not feel it is necessary to be in our lives because it is more important to you to run the streets than help raise a kid.

You would rather be running around with thugs and criminals, doing drugs, being in and out of court and jail then than buy your child food, clothes, toys, books or anything else.

You can’t and won’t help her with her homework and projects—because you are not responsible enough to.

I don’t have to worry about my kid being disappointed because you don’t keep your word. I don’t have to worry about you wanting visitations because you have never been a part of her life. She doesn’t know you or miss you because you have never been there for her to feel anything towards you. Continues on the next pages…

Thank you

Thank you for not keeping me awake at night worrying about how my kid is doing with you or if she is safe.

I don’t have to stress thinking if you have her around others that aren’t safe people.

I thank God, every day because I watch so many other mothers who go through court for custody of their kids because of their baby daddies.

I feel so bad for them and what they have to go through.

But I thank the heavens that I will never have to worry about being one of them!


My daughter will never have to sit on the steps waiting for a father that won’t come. She will never have to cry and ask me why you hurt her.

I never have to deal with the phone calls of you claiming to want to talk to my kid, but really just calling and gripping at me about nonsense.

So this is to you, dead beat daddy. Thank you so much for not taking the time to try to be in our lives and causing me a headache every single moment you are around. For you are too self-involved in whatever it is you are doing to take the time to care about someone as amazing as my kid.

You will never know how bright she is.

You will never know how good she is in school, or what her favorite princesses are or her favorite color.

You will never get to take her to Disneyland or Legoland. Never will you see her face light up when she gets a surprise or present.

Never will you get to watch her blow out the candles on her birthday cake, You haven’t cared enough to know anything about her for the last seven years, and I feel sorry for you every day for it.

You have no idea how much I appreciate you not doing anything at all!

On Father’s Day and Mother’s Day I get the cards. My daughter tells people I am both mother and father to her. I am always there for her every day—through the good and the bad.

My daughter will grow up to be a wonderful, beautiful young lady and you will never be able to take credit for any of it other than to help create her.

When she has grown up and goes off to college, I will be the one there.

When she walks down the aisle to get married, I will be the one to give her away! When she has her first child, I will be the one who holds her hand and helps her through it!

So this letter is to you, dead beat daddy.

Thank you for never being there for us. Because we are doing just fine without you, and we always will.

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