Dad Films First Ultrasound. But When They Get This News On Camera? Mom Loses It.

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Monica Price

Monica Price’s husband filmed her ultrasound, and the couple had a feeling what they might see.

Is It?

Suddenly, Monica looks toward her husband, thinking she saw two babies.


Yep, the couple are having twins.


She had wished for twins and even had a feeling, but when the doctor confirmed it, she was so elated.

Two Babies

There they are. Two babies.

Big Sister

Even the twins’ big sister was overjoyed by the news.


They recorded this ultrasound at 9 weeks, 4 days, because they had a feeling, and their feeling turned out to be correct. “This is the day of our first ultrasound to see our new baby! I was 9 weeks 4 days! And I made my husband record because I just had a feeling it was twins and that it would be something we would want recorded to re-watch forever! Now we just need a bigger home! Enjoy!”

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