Child Left In Car On Hottest Day Of The Year While Mom Goes Shopping – Did She Deserve What Happened Next?

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In The Car

I don’t even leave keys in a scorching car… imagine leaving a child! On a day that had temperatures above 86 degrees, this is what a mother did.


This woman, from London, England left her child in the car FOR FORTY MINUTES while she went shopping. She parked at Watersfield Shopping Centre in Watford, locked the door, and went into the mall.

40 Minutes

The staff called through loudspeakers, but it took her a while to arrive: as I said, 40 minutes!
‘Officers attended and the mother was located. Strong words of advice were given to the woman.’


It wouldn’t have been the first time a child dies inside a car because of the heat. So, in my opinion, ‘strong words of advice’ is quite less than what she deserved.
And please, don’t leave your pets in the car either!

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