Be Careful: This Breakfast Could Be Killing You

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This Is The News

The Quaker Oats Quick 1-Minute brand is believed to contain trace amounts of glyphosate. That conclusion was reached after tests were carried out on samples.
Lewis Daly, a Brooklyn, New York lawyer, claims that it could be extremely detrimental to your health. Find out in the next pages what Lewis Daly has to say about it.


That comes as a shock, since oatmeal has always been considered the ultimate healthy meal. But, according to Daly, the quick oat contains a highly carcinogenic compound known as glyphosate, that has been classified as potentially dangerous for human consumption.

Natural Products?

The company claims to market completely natural products, and this has infuriated Dale and other consumers when the news came out. He filed a class action lawsuit in the Federal District Courts of both California and New York, seeking a full disclosure by the company of its use of glyphosate in its oatmeal. He also seeks full consumer refunds.


Daly arguments that the company should not mislead consumers to think that they are getting 100% natural oats when they’re not. The compound found in the oats is glyphosate, that is a herbicide mostly used in the eliminating of weeds. It’s often a major ingredient in weed treatment products such as Roundup and Ortho.

All Clear

The owners of Quaker Oats,PepsiCo, insist that their products all pass through completely natural processes and that includes a cleaning process that gets rid of large amounts of the glyphosate.
Then, further tests showed that the amount of glysophate in Quaker Oats is about 4% of the permissible level. That means that the oatmeal is below the minimum level prescribed by the EPA.

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