An Open Letter To The Man Who Broke My Daughter’s Heart First

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Dear Man… or shall I say boy?

My daughter is perfect. She’s beautiful. She is kind. She’s daring. She’s intelligent. She’s a fun loving ball of joy. She was crafted by God himself. But most of all she’s innocent.

And you broke her heart.

Maybe that wasn’t your intention but you did it.

You loved her. Treated her as the princess she is. So many fond memories of going to the park together, playing games. You were her everything. You scared all the monsters away. You kissed all the boo boos. And you made her happy. Continues on the next pages…

But when you left me, you left her too.

And maybe it’s partially my fault. Maybe I am to blame because I let someone in her life who loved her only when it was convenient. I let someone in who could walk away from her so easily.

She missed you so much.

The monsters came back and you weren’t there to scare them away. You weren’t there to kiss the boo boos. There were no more goodnight kisses from you.

And she noticed. She asked questions. She begged to call you. She begged to see you one more time. But you were gone. And she never got so much as a goodbye.

You broke this prefect little girl’s heart. And left me to pick up the pieces.

You are the worst kind of man. The kind of man who has the age of a man, but not the sensibility nor the responsibility of one. The kind of man that doesn’t say sorry. The kind of man that didn’t say goodbye to the innocent child who once loved you with all her soul.

Good thing

But its a good thing you’re gone, even though you broke her heart when she was too young to understand the experience of such a tragedy, it’s a good thing you’re gone. She won’t have to face the disappointment of you later in life, because she learned early on men like you aren’t worth a damn.

So good riddens. And may you never try to weasel your way back in. We’ll be just fine without you.


A Woman Who’s Better Off Without You

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