An open Letter to the girl that replaced me

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You’re dating the guy of both of our dreams and in a sense, that bonds us together.

There’s this misconception that we’re supposed to be enemies, that I should hate you.

But I’m ending this battle before it begins. You’ve already won; you have his heart. As much as I’d love to say I have enough fight left in me to win him back, I’m a firm believer in letting go.

So I won’t call or text him. Sure, I’ll be tempted to on certain nights when I’m lonely and drunk, but I’ll do my best to refrain because he’s yours.

And when you love someone, you only want what’s best for them – even if it breaks your heart. If his happiness is something I just can’t be a part of, then so be it.

He’ll make you a better person if you let him.

He’ll make every dream you’ve ever had come true and surpass your wildest expectations. As he does, you’re going fall faster and faster.

But don’t be apprehensive about falling – he’ll always be there to catch you.

Trust me when I say that even the pain I felt – and still sometimes feel – about him leaving was worth it. The time we spent together was pure magic and I’m sure yours will be too.

There’ll be slow dances that make you melt, nights spent in and romantic dates he planned. You’ve got a lot to look forward to.

You’ll find comfort in knowing you’re the only one on his mind – and he’ll never make you question that.

He’ll teach you to appreciate the little things life has to offer – like the smell of rain and a lazy Sunday. As the dark night consumes you, he’ll wrap his arms around you and shelter you from your every fear.

He’ll make you realize how simple relationships are supposed to be. He’ll believe in you and it’s your job to believe in him just as much. He’ll make you the best version of yourself.

I don’t dislike you; I envy you.

But I’m also happy that someone else gets to experience the joys of being with him. Everyone deserves a love like his.

I just hope that you appreciate what you have and take care of him for me.

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