Alpha Females Make the Best Friends Because They Love Harder than Anyone Else

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Alpha females are strong headed, bold, and nothing less than fierce. They put value into everything in their lives, so they hold great jobs, have fabulous friends, and get the most out of life.

Having one of these passionate women as your best friend makes you pretty damn fabulous yourself, but if you don’t already have a wild Alpha in your life, here’s why you should:

She says what she means, and means what she says.

There’s nothing worse than a friend who dances around sticky subjects or lies to your face about what she really thinks. An Alpha Female is a strong headed chick who will speak her mind.

Hey, if she thinks those pants make you look fat, you bet your ass (literally) she won’t let you leave the house in ‘em. Continues on the next pages.

She reminds you of your worth.

During a moment of weakness – which we all have – she’ll remind you how amazing, strong, and admirable you are; she knows what you’re worth and will make damn sure you know too.

Having a friend who won’t put up with bullshit always works in your favor – she’ll remind you of what you deserve.

She’s not only your complement, she’s your mirror.

While she always reminds you of your worth, she also reminds you when you’re being unfair.

A friend who can act as your mirror is golden: she won’t just take your side because you’re her friend. She’ll give you the truth, no matter how sour it tastes.

She gives great advice.

She has the ability to remain objective in situations where others might get emotional in defense of their friend. She can handle any situation and her opinion definitely means something to you.

You value what she thinks because you value the way she lives her life too.

She inspires you to be better.

Alpha Females never settle: in life, in love, in the bedroom, in the office, or in relationships. She’s always striving to be better and she will make you want to be better too.

She makes you see the big picture and she’ll make you want more in life.

She pulls through – no matter what.

The saying if you want something to get done, give it to a busy person, holds true with Alpha gals. The more she takes on, the more she gets done.

When you really need her, she’ll be there; even if she’s got plans, work, or other shit going on, she will always figure out a way to pull through for you.

She’s always got your back.

Even though she’ll be sure to tell you when you’re being unreasonable, unfair, or bitchy, at the end of the day, this chick always has your back.

And to have a strong, badass-chick as a best friend is a rare gift that should always be treasured.

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