A Deadbeat Dad Will Not Define My Kid’s Future

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Being a single mom with no help can be hard, and raising a boy as a single mother can be harder.

I used to be afraid of the type of man my son would turn out to be since he has no father.

As time has gone by, I no longer question how to raise my son to be a man. I have come to think that I am raising my son to be the type of man any woman would love to marry.

Being a single mother of a son has taught me many lessons. Continues on the next pages…

You can’t force a Father to be part of his child’s life.

It does confuse me how fathers can have children and actively chose not to be in their lives. But I have come to understand that it is not my job to make a “father” be something they do not want to be.

Doing so leads to frustration for you and frustration for the child by having a father jump in and out of his life, when it doesn’t want to be there in the first place.

When I decided to stop trying to make my son’s father, be a father; I realized that it was in my son’s best interest anyway.

After all, how could he teach my son to be a man if he was not a man himself? It is better to let a man not fit to be a father go.

Him gone helped me better.

As a single mother of a boy, I had to be the example of what a responsible adult looked like. I worked harder, I got more degrees, I sought to give my son the good life that he deserves.

Being a single mother taught me that I could not make excuses. My kid didn’t ask to be here, he did not ask for his father to not be in his life, and therefore he did not deserve to have a bad life due to the situation that his parents created.

I teach my son something than an absent father cannot teach. Unconditional love.

I envy the woman who is going to marry my son. My son loves his mother and he sure does love making me happy.

He will help wash the dishes, open the car door, and help make up the bed.

My son is very affectionate and has no problem kissing the woman he loves (which is me) and showing affection any way that he knows how.

As a single mother, I am able to show him what women appreciate and get him more in tune with his emotional side. I always teach him to treat a woman with respect.

It was never my wish to be a single mother and it was never my wish for my son to be raised without a father. However, my son being without a father does not mean that his life is doomed.

It means that he will be a better man because he understands the struggle of a single mother.

This is the lesson, that I know will stay with him as an adult and will cause him to have a massive amount of respect for strong women when does grow up to be a man.

Raising a boy as a single mother is hard, but it gives you a chance to raise a man in a way you wish more men were like.

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