9 Differences Between Mothers And Fathers Taking Care Of Kids

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Clearly the father sees his kid as some sort of lunch tray.


Dads are way more fun, right? They let the kids do anything.


Dads are so utilitarian.


Moms will only offer what is healthy for their kids and dads don’t have so much time to search on what’s healthy or not, so they give whatever is around.

Play Time

Mom is overly cautious, while Dad throws caution to the wind.

Bike Riding

Moms are there to teach, help you to make the balance and navigate the street safely while dads won’t let you learn. Rather, he would take your bi-cycle and get fun for himself.

Family Time

Moms do anything for their kids, while dads ask everything of theirs.

Amusement Parks

Riding with mom is always a great fun and exciting but riding with dad is equally more horrifying.

Dress Style

Moms will choose dresses that look cute and suits you well. Whereas, dads just want to make you dress up like a psycho killer.

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