6 most important differences between a father and a dad

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Who is a father and who is a dad? A father is someone who is responsible for conceiving the child but a dad is one who nurtures. While father and dad may be used as synonyms, there is a big difference between the two. The fact is becoming a father is easy but becoming a dad is a life-long pursuit and not every father has what it takes to be a dad. So, what are the biggest differences between the two? Read on.

A father is biological, dad is emotional

A father is someone whose genes are carried on by the child. He is responsible for the conception and plays a purely biological role. Every man who is capable of reproduction can become a father and it does not take much effort to be one.

Dad, on the other hand, is an emotional term. It has a value attached to it. Becoming a dad means accepting each and every responsibility of the child and adding to their growth. A dad is responsible for the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the kid, unlike a father who may not take these responsibilities. Continues on the next pages…

A father may be absent, dads are present

A father may not be present to take care of the child. We have all seen and heard of numerous cases where men have fathered children and abandoned their responsibilities completely. We all know mothers who have raised their children with an absentee father.

But, we have also heard of cases where men have become part of families and accepted other’s children as their own. These are the kind of men and this is the kind of thing that makes them a dad. A dad would never shun his responsibility and it doesn’t matter if the kid is biologically theirs or not, they would be present to care for them.

Father’s talk at their level, dads talk at child’s level

A father is someone who may not treat a kid as a kid. They may lack the affection towards the children and hence they may talk to them as if they do not mean much. They may not feel the need to connect with children at their level and hence they might not be that attentive.

A dad, on the other hand, understands a kid as a kid. They make sure that they get down to the child’s level while talking to them. They make sure that they understand the child’s point of view rather than imposing his own. A dad is one who can be a kid, a father may not do so.

A father need not be an idol, a dad becomes one

A father may not be that attached to a child and may act the way he wishes to with least regard to the example they are setting. They may not care what the child is observing and it may not matter to him what learnings he imparts to the children.

A dad, on the other hand, is always mindful of his words and his actions in front of the children. He understands that the kids would learn from him and he makes sure that he becomes a good reference point. A dad is someone who truly works so hard that he ends up becoming an idol for his kids. They invariably start looking up to him and that is when his work shows the best.

A father may judge, a dad understands

A father need not care a bit about what kind of a person his child is becoming. If he spots something wrong, he may immediately judge the kid and pass comments or judgments. He may not even think twice about how his words may impact the kid and what long-term consequences it may have.

A dad, however, knows the value of his words and his actions. He understands that his every act could have an impact on the kid. A dad, therefore, tries his level best to understand his kids. He tries to figure out the thoughts of his children and he consciously attempts to improve them without pointing towards their imperfections. A dad resolves issues even before the surface, a father may not bother to do so.

A father may reject, dads accept

A father bears no responsibility other than fathering the kid. The child may then be rejected by him, abandoned by him or judged by him. He may find no reason to be a part of the child’s life and the kid’s every action may be condemned by a father.

A dad is always and forever accepting of his child. The child may have a million flaws but a dad would never let that reduce his affection. A dad would accept the child as and how the kid is. And when everything is said and done, that acceptance is what truly matters for the child.

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