4 Unusual Signs of Colon Cancer. Many People Accidentally Ignore For Years

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Colorectal cancers are very dangers types of cancers, they are not the deadliest ones but their seriousness is on a high scale. In 2016 alone around 140,000 people are diagnosed form these types of cancer, either colon or rectal cancer.

This is not new type of danger, colorectal cancer is common, but one of the main problems in this scenario is that a lot of people wait until is to late to get the needed treatment. The reason for this appearance is because the symptoms of this type of health treat is subtle and easily overlooked.

In today’s article we going to talk about the 4 most commonly overlooked symptoms if colorectal cancer and how to reduce the risk of its appearance in a first place.


This kind of symptoms are easily overlooked because cramps can be symptoms of many others health problems that are non-cancerous conditions. If you feel Abdominal cramps it doesn’’t mean that you should freak out.

However, If the stomach cramps are long-lasting, intense and it doesn’’t seem they will go away and on the other hand you have some of the other symptoms of colorectal cancer, you should see a medical expert soon as possible. It is better to be sure about your health.


This is a symptom that is very often overlooked as something less serious than it may be. Well in this modern society this kind of condition is not surprising, a lot of people feel fatigue without having a condition, usually lack of sleep is the common case.

If the fatigue is constant even though the sleep hours are sufficient and the diet is well-balanced, along with other symptoms of colorectal cancer, then it should not go un-ignored.

The main reason why fatigue and cancer are connected is because cancer cells use the body’s energy. As the colon cancer may cause fatigue it can also cause blood loss.

Sudden Weight Loss

In a case when thee is a immediate and dramatic weight loss, it can be an indicator that variety of cancers can be present and one of them can be colon cancer. This is so called “Unexplained weight loss” can be described as an unintentional loss of 5% of your body weight within six months.

For example, when someone who is 150 pounds and unintentionally losing 7 and 1/2 pounds within six months, this situation can be determined as a “unexplained weight loss”.

As we mentioned before the cancer cells use a lot of body’’s energy, but also it affects the immune system which fights the disease and keeps it from spreading. This is why is common in this situation for a person to witness a large amount of weight loss.

When we talk about colon cancer, it is also possible that a large tumor can block the colon, which can effect one’s bowel movements and cause severe weight loss.

Irregular Bowel Movements

It is not usual for most of the people to pay much attention of their bowel movements. The timing, consistency and appearance of these movements can indicate various problems with your health, including the presence of colorectal cancer.

Colon polyps is a small amount of cells that with time can turn in to cancerous and by that, begin to effect bowel movements when they turn into tumors. These tumors can effect the way your large intestine functions and will cause the changes in the stool.

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