3 Things About C-Section Moms That Everyone Should Know

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Pregnancy is no easy task. It requires making sure you’re putting the right stuff into your body and keeping potentially harmful stuff out of it. It involves growing human life inside your body and going through the intense physical changes that accompany it.

And while it doesn’t make a difference how you choose to go about it – people who have natural births, or water births, or ask for all of the pain reducing drugs are just as strong and incredible as those who don’t – there are some things about people who have C-sections that you ought to know…

Surgical intervention is tough, and they face it bravely.

While C-sections might be deemed as common practice, having a Caesarean section is actually considered a major surgery. As such, they carry a number of risks for both parent and child. Just like any other major surgery would.

Not only are there risks, but it is often difficult for family members and partners to be in the room during the operation. This means that the recipient of the C-section has to face the surgery alone, despite any fears or uncertainty. But they do it because they draw strength from knowing that they will get a wonderful baby at the end of it.

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They don’t know if everything went well until after they leave the operating room.

With C-sections, the risks don’t magically disappear once the baby is out. Doctors can’t be sure if everything went smoothly until the anaesthesia wears off. Not only this, but during the surgery, the patient is entirely conscious during the C-section. The anaesthesia means that they can’t feel the pain, but all of the movement? Totally feels that. It’s uncomfortable and intrusive and can be traumatic too!

They have to recover from a major surgery at the same time as being a new parent.

When you have a newborn baby, parents have to comply with their unspoken demands at the drop of a hat. Any parent will tell you that caring for a newborn – while rewarding – is an exhausting and physically tiring task. C-section recovery can only make this more difficult.

We applaud all new parents, but C-section moms, this one is for you. Keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re incredible and your C-section scar should be a badge of pride.

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