25 Tweets About Kids That Every Parent Will LOL Over

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Being a parent is like getting on a roller coaster and having no idea when it will end. It has its ups and downs, twists and turns, and sometimes more surprises than you were ready for. There’s no one way to describe what it’s like to be a parent or what a typical day with kids is like, but luckily you don’t have to try to explain it one way.

Here are 25 parents who have done that for you in perfect, bite-size tweets.

They’re pretty observant.

Well…you’re not wrong.

They put down their true feelings.

I wish adults could write poems as honest as this.

They make so much sense.

I never thought about it like that!

Fanny pack–induced concern.

Me too, to be honest.

Shadows are pretty freaky if you think about it.

They see everything.


He’s knows them.

Might sound crazy

But works every time.

Uh oh…

I think I might have let the love of my life slip away.

Children are basically cats.

Think about it. Don’t want to eat the food you give them, sleep all day, and will make anything a toy.

Just in case you forgot.

And needed to know while on the toilet.

Kids ask the craziest questions.

But ones I would actually like to know the answer to.

You stole her cheese…

…and DIDN’T expect her to be traumatized by it?

How do you even know what hair tastes like?

Never mind. I don’t want to know.

You act like this is only a child’s thought process.

I wish I had the option of 6 or 100 more of anything.

At least they know what they mean.

‘Cause most of the time I don’t.

You have to give them credit

You have to give them creditIt’s better that they asked late rather than never.

Children are so innovative.

But sometimes they should try less.

Say goodbye to sleep.

What’s sleep?

Joke’s on you!

Mommy has dreamed about this moment.

Pretty much the same thing.

Especially when they start speaking in tongues.

Just keep smiling.

Even if no one is having fun.

It affects the taste.

Who in their right mind would eat squares anyway?

A better meal than I could ever make.

I am impressed and jealous that I didn’t think of it first.

Babies teach you how to do new things every day.

But you will forget what it’s like to have a hot meal.

Ma’am, is this your child?

My what?

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