16 Reasons To Date A Single Mother

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Here are 16 reasons to date a single mother:


She won’t be on your back 24/7. She has 1000 other things to worry about than what you’re doing every second of the day.


You’ll never have to worry about her cheating, she has just enough spare time to date you.


Her kid will help keep you in shape, if she has a toddler. They’re little balls of energy.


She has the best snacks at home. Trust me.


She’s tremendously independent. You don’t have to always pick up the bill, she won’t mind getting it every now and then.


Road trips have never been more exciting. She is used to entertain her kid.


She’s an amazing cook. Maybe just as good if not better than your mom.


If you don’t like girls that go out all the time, she’s perfect. Babysitters are expensive and hard to come by on Friday and Saturday nights.


She has the best taste in wine. Just know if she makes dinner, the wine will never disappoint.


She sleeps on 1 side of the bed and mostly still. Her kid has spent a lot of nights in her bed and I’m sure they have trained her not to move from her side.


She loves nap time just as much as you do.


You get to relive your childhood. Playgrounds, coloring, finger painting.. need I say more?


She doesn’t mind staying in and just relaxing.


She knows what she wants. She is Boss lady at home.


She’ll always appreciate anything you do. And she’ll make sure you know.


When she tells you she loves you, she means it. She loves cautiously because she’s always trying to protect herself and her child.

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