15 Signs Hes Tired Of You And Fed Up With Your Relationship

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Every relationship is unicorns and rainbows in the beginning. Flowers and sweet romantic gestures are an everyday occurrence. You feel surrounded by love. You’re honest. You want to devote your time to the other person. Sometimes, all these things don’t last. Before you know it, your relationship has turned sour. Everything that once used to be enjoyable is now annoying. The person who has their everything committed to you, now gets annoyed by you. These are tell-tale signs of a relationships downfall. Especially if he does these 15 things, things might not end well.

He has stopped paying attention

The person who had literally put you as their center of universe in the past, now no longer minds your presence. You feel like you can never do enough to deserve their attention. He always pretends to be busy and doesn’t pay attention. He doesn’t pay attention to the way dress up or look or what you’re interested in. If this is happening with you, he’s reconsidering.

He find excuses to avoid talking about life

Its important couples open about themselves and their lives to each other. It means that you’re aware of each other’s struggles and hard times. However, if lately he just shrugs you off. If you ask him how his day was, he answers it with a word or two. If this has become a regular occurrence, it’s time to sit down and think about where you’re headed in the relationship.

He shows lack of trust

If constantly asks you who you’re going with, who’s that friend at work, or if he can have your mobile phone’s password. If he constantly expresses that he doesn’t like your company and questions you too much, things don’t look that sunny anymore.

You feel like walking on eggshells

You’re constantly thinking what will he say or how he will react before doing little things. You’re not sure when he’ll explode or when he will listen. He just doesn’t try to understand you anymore and emotionally you’ve begun to feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

He is not concerned about mending relationship

In the beginning, you would talk about a fight and mutually apologize. If anyone of you hurt the other, you would apologize and make up for it. You had date nights, Netflix and chill nights, nights where you’d just sit under the stars and talk about everything under the suns. Now, suddenly he’s not interested in any of that. If it looks like he doesn’t just care anymore, you’re in trouble.

He runs for the hills if you confront him

You’ve been noticing a change and you decide to confront him about his behavior. Instead of listening to you and reassuring you, he either denies it, ignores it, gets angry or just doesn’t take you seriously. He is not ready to accept the change in his behavior and the fact that it’s emotionally destroying you.

He gets annoyed when you try to be cute with him

In the beginning, everything the other person does is ‘cute’. You find their quirks unique and adorable. Everything about them is just pleasing to you. Now, things are suddenly quite the opposite. If your partner gets annoyed by little things, makes fun of you for trying and plainly gets annoyed, the relationship has turned sour.

He snaps at you with little or no regard

He has begun to fight a lot often. Yells at you and lets you down. The same person who would spend days apologizing for a fight now suddenly starts to say hurtful things without a hint of guilt. He snaps at you for little things and shows no regard for your feelings. This will inevitably lead to the end of the relationship.

His friends has become hostile towards you

Same friends that had become great friends of yours, who would come over to party. If they have begun to act hostile towards you, it’s time to evaluate. Find out if it’s your behavior which has caused the mess or is it your partner.

His plans don’t involve you

If he plans a holiday without you and doesn’t even tell you about it until its final, talk to him. Of course, this in no way means that he can’t vacation with his friends or family but if all his plans have begun to exclude you, that is a red flag.

He has stopped putting effort for special occasions

Valentine’s day has no flowers or candle light dinners. You don’t celebrate each other’s birthday with that enthusiasm anymore. You don’t dress up for each other. You’ve started to look at these occasions as burden. Eventually, you’ve stopped expecting anything from your partner.

He doesn’t stand up for you

In a healthy relationship, you should be able to stand up for each other. Support each other when someone tries to spread negativity or develop misunderstandings between you. Stand up and fight for each other in one of you is being wronged. If this sounds strange to you, your relationship is headed in the wrong direction.

He plays the blame game

Constructive conflicts are necessary for a healthy relationship. You should be able to identify what went wrong and be able to mend it. However, you’re in deep trouble if all you both do is fight. To top it all off, either he always blames you or tries to play the victim. In both cases, you’re being emotionally exploited.

He doesn’t want to talk about the future

Eventually you want to know where things are headed. In the beginning, you might not want to talk about the future and that’s generally acceptable. However, that shouldn’t be the case if you’re in for long. If suddenly, he doesn’t want to talk about your future, that’s a sign he is not seeing a future with you.

You feel undervalued

You’ve begun to feel like you’re just not enough. Not physically, not emotionally. You have begun to blame yourself for the lack of connection. You feel like you’re not being appreciated. If this sounds like the story of your life, you feel undervalued and nobody deserves to feel less than a queen.

If you see these signs, it’s time to sit down and evaluate. Your relationship is clearly not headed in the right direction and its time you talk about it.

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