12 Things That Happen When You Grow Up With A Mom Who’s An Alpha Female

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If you grew up with a mom who was an Alpha-Female, you might recognize these 12 traits that you’ve inherited from your badass super hero:

You make your move.

Growing up with a mom who was an alpha female, you learned to take risks. Your mom would never sit on the sidelines in hopes that things would just come to her. She went for what she wanted and wasn’t afraid of hearing “no.” Being exposed to such a bold attitude made you a risk-taker in all aspects of your life.

You know when to walk away.

Your mom always had a no-bullshit attitude; she knew when she was being taking advantage of and she knew when to walk away from people who weren’t appreciating her. This attitude was imprinted into your soul, leaving you with a very low tolerance for crap; you never invest your time and energy into something or someone who isn’t offering respectable returns.

You don’t compete with other women, you empower them.

Growing up, your mom would empower other females; she would never compare or compete with them. This kind attitude is also subconsciously in you; you like to see other women grow around you.

You don’t need a savior.

Your mom never needed someone to rescue her and would never compete for a man’s affection. Seeing this attitude has made you independent and only willing to give affection to a man who understands, appreciates, respects and is interested in you.

You communicate your needs and set boundaries.

Your mom would never sit silently in front of someone who disrespected her. You witnessed, first hand, how quickly and elegantly she called people out who were rude; she set a boundary right then and there and moved forward.

You quickly bounce back from problems.

Your mom always had a solution: she looked at situations she would have done differently as a lesson in how to do better for herself in the future. She didn’t waste her time regretting. Her impact can be seen in the way you handle all your life situations.

You listen to people’s actions, not words.

Your mom never relied on words. She taught you that only through actions we can gauge the true motives and feelings of others.

You know when to say “no.”

Your mom was never a pushover and never apologized for doing things that made her happy. Because of this, you never bend yourself backwards, forward (and backwards again) to please other people who wouldn’t do the same for you.

You don’t play the victim.

Your mom taught you that you’re in total control of how you react to a situation. When things got tough, she just rolled up her sleeves and get tougher – as do you.

You make a life that you actually enjoy living.

You push yourself to take risks to be happy, and you never follow rules people have cultivated to play it safe.

You would never put their lives on hold to assist someone else’s idea of who you should be.

Your mom was unapologetic about her choices and made her own rules in life.

You don’t define yourself by your attributes.

Your mom always walked into a room with pride; you saw that her confidence went beyond anything superficial. She inspired people around her to be strong and to ignite in their passions; people always remembered her beauty because of it. She gave you your confidence, intelligence, strength and self-worth which you now define as beauty.

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